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Mother's intuition kicked in and she knew she had to keep holding him...

All pregnancies have their ups and their downs, but usually with the promise of one certain thing: all of the pain is worth it for the baby you're creating. But for many parents, that baby never makes it to birth. It's heartbreaking to think about, but many pregnancies end before the baby is able to survive outside of its mother, and living with the pain of a pregnancy loss is heartbreaking for any family.

For Kate Ogg, though, after her son was born premature and declared dead, she knew one thing for sure: she had to hold him for as long as possible. Call it mother's intuition, call it her wanting to be with that child for as long as possible, call it whatever you want...what happened next, was a miracle.

Baby Jamie, born at 26-weeks in 2010, a twin to his sister Emily (who was born screaming, and strong), stopped breathing right after birth. The doctors worked on him for 20 minutes before telling Kate that he had passed.

Kate and her husband David asked everyone to leave the room. They held Jamie. Stroked him. Pleaded with him to stay. And then he took a breath. His tiny fist wrapped around David's finger and Jamie began breathing on his own.

Doctors and nurses rushed back into the room to take over and keep Jamie alive, but it was his mom's miraculous connection that truly saved his life that day.

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