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As soon as I opened the bag I knew I’d be making Mega M&M Emoticons.

by Beth

These candy coated chocolates are about an inch in diameter and are perfect for creating fun edible crafts. The yellow candies and some of the more colorful ones, like the red, blue, orange and green did too. I even used the brown M&M’s to make wheels for some School Bus Rice Krispie Treats. There are so many possibilities.

Of course you can make these using any M&M candy, but I really like the big size of the Mega M&M’s. They are easy for little hands to hold and give your kids lots of space to draw on them. These little treats are so easy to make. All you need is a black food coloring marker and some inspiration.

Mega M&M Emoticons

You will need:

Mega M&M Candies (yellow or use red, orange, green and blue too)

Black Food Coloring Marker


Emoticons are pretty easy to draw using dots and lines. Just take a black food coloring marker and have some fun drawing smiley faces, sad faces, cool faces and more. Your emoticons can show signs of love or laughter. They can even wear sun glasses. There are dozens of different emoticon designs you can draw onto your candies.

Traditional emoticons are yellow, but I figured why not use more of the colored candies.

They look pretty cool too.

TIP for working with food coloring markers:

If you have a black edible ink marker that is dried out, here’s a trick to make it work again. Pour some liquid black food coloring into a small glass bowl (don’t use plastic as the food coloring will stain.) Dip the tip of the marker into the food coloring and let it soak in some of the coloring. Shake it off a bit then start drawing on your candies again.