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And it's the best thing we've ever seen!

This year it felt like Christmas kinda snuck up on me. I couldn't get into the spirit, and everything was crowded, everyone was grumpy. And now that it's almost over, all I want is a redo. I want a chance to get that Christmas spirit back, and share it with others.

Which is exactly what this Lyft driver did. Armed with a bucket full of decorations and instruments, Jonathan asked each of his riders if they wanted to 'carol as they rode'. And, of course, they said YES!

So with Santa hats and reindeer antlers in place, Jonathan started the music...All I Want For Christmas.

There is so much Christmas spirit pouring out of this car that I'm pretty sure every single person who left ended up passing the joy on to others.

I might not get to redo this Christmas, but after watching this, I Definitely have some ideas for how to make next year jolly.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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