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This is the face of a dog who is tired of waiting!

We've all been there: waiting in the car for someone. For e v e r. And after a while it seems like they're really never going to come. So, we give a little 'honk, honk' to hurry things along. Or, maybe we don't. Maybe we just sit there seething about how our time isn't as important as theirs. Or, if we're super mature (which, c'mon, sometimes we aren't) we get out and find them.

But sometimes getting out isn't an option. Like for this dog. After waiting in the car for who-knows-how-long, this dog had enough. He moved to the driver's seat and laid on the horn. Loud and long. At first, people passing by wondered why some jerk was just sitting in the car honking a horn, but when they finally spotted what was really happening: gold.

The look on that dog's face says it all. That dog is alll of us who have ever had to wait. And alll of us who have ever thought about giving that 'honk, honk' to let our people know we're done!

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