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This went so viral, the groom was even contacted by ABC Family!

When it comes time to decide who to marry, one of the big things that always mattered to me was if they have a sense of humor. This guy? This guy and his best man both fit that bill. After the wedding was over, vows exchanged, this groom decided to have a little fun by dancing with his best man for the wedding crowd. The two had been dancing to the song Jump On It since high school, so when it came time to decide what to dance to, there was no question. Of course, they made a couple of modifications for the wedding, but that only made it all the funnier.

Says the groom, "At first we'd also planned to rap in the middle, but weren't quite sure about that, so since the song That's Not My Name was big at the time, we threw that in instead."

Honestly, I watched this video...laughed my patootie off, then watched it again. Toward the middle, the smallest groomsman jumps in and joins the dance and it just makes it even funnier. And watch their eyes. Seriously, watch their eyes.

Congratulations on the wedding, but also, congratulations on these two on having a friendship that's lasted all these years and will hopefully last a lifetime!

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