Are you looking for Thanksgiving games to get everyone moving?

by Trisha

Here are Thanksgiving games for kids that will provide a lot of movement. Today, at the Kids Activities Blog, we found the perfect solution for a day when the kids are stuck inside due to the cold, dreary fall weather.



Supplies Needed:

  • different colors of paper, cardstock, or construction paper
  • scissors
  • markers
  • a few baskets or containers
  • ribbon, yarn, or string
  • a thankful tree

Cut out leaf shapes in the colors of your choice. Talk to your family about what they are thankful for. Have them write each thing they are thankful for on a leaf. You can write for your younger children, or they can draw pictures.


You’ll need a large floor space for this activity. Push the furniture aside or clear as much space as you can. {This Thanksgiving game will still work in a smaller floor space. It just may not be as fun for bigger kids.}

Place baskets or containers on one side of the room. I had 5 colors of leaves, so I chose 5 baskets. If you only have one empty basket available, make it work for you. You could also use empty plastic containers or bowls from the kitchen.

Place the leaves on the opposite side of the room.

Instruct your children to {one at a time} pick up a leaf and run to the baskets on the other side of the room. Place the leaf in a basket and run back to the start. Now it’s the next child’s turn. For this Thanksgiving game, continue taking turns filling the baskets with leaves until they are tired, bored, or run out of leaves.


Add interest and difficulty to the game by trying these ideas:

  • Match the color of the leaf to the color of the basket. {I didn’t have an orange basket, so I used blue.}
  • Write color words on the outside of the baskets and match the color of the leaf to the correct color word. {You don’t need colored baskets for this idea.}
  • Write color words on colored paper and attach to the outsides of the baskets. Match the color of the leaf to the correct color word and paper. {No need for colored baskets here either.}
  • Have each child read what the leaf says before running. “I am thankful for ____.”
  • Throw leaves from a certain distance or height.


When you are finished playing the game, make a thankful tree with the leaves. You can draw a large tree on a piece of paper and attach the leaves to the branches. Or you can make a 3D tree with real branches. See this Thanksgiving tree from another Quirky Momma for inspiration.


What Thanksgiving games do your children enjoy playing? Thanksgiving games for kids help them have fun while learning basic skills and even gaining an understanding about thankfulness. For more kids activities, check out some of these great ideas here on the Kids Activities Blog: