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Make this April Fool's Day a blast with these fun, kid-friendly, parent-approved pranks!

April Fools Day Pranks are a fun tradition at our house. The planning starts weeks in advance.
The point of the day (at least at our house) is to do something unexpected that will make your child smile – or better yet giggle hysterically!

Here are just a few of the ideas we have planned for this year!

Sleeping Boy Prank. As your child is sleeping color on their face – if they are awake, have them pretend to be sleeping. They will still think it’s hilarious!

TP Note Prank.
Your child will think they are pulling the toilet paper, but a note will pop out and surprise them!

Stuffed Shoes Practical Joke For older kids, fill just the toes of their shoes with a funny item (cotton balls, deflated balloon, small bouncy ball, etc.). For younger kids, fill the whole shoe with something unexpected.

Catch a dollar Game.
Tape a string to a dollar bill and attach it to a fishing pole. Place the dollar in the grass at the park and go hide, see who tries to pick it up and reel it in as they reach for it!

TP Tube Glowing Eyes.
Fill a TP tube with a glow stick and hide a set of eyes somewhere in the kids room – best for older kiddos. Don’t leave glow sticks in the room with tots.

Switch the Toy Bin.
…with the shoes, or the socks. Grab five things that your kids *know* where they are kept and put them in a “wrong” place.

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Shrink Wrap.
Two year olds are mesmerized when you shrink wrap their toys. Half the fun is unwrapping them. It’s Christmas all over again!

Give your child a small silly gift.
…only put it in a small box, wrap it. Put that in a medium box. Wrap it. Put that in a larger box, etc. They will have fun finding their gift.

Freeze their Breakfast.
Fill your child’s bowl with cereal and milk – then stick it into the fridge! The kids will be frustrated as they try to eat their breakfast (be sure to have a regular bowl of food nearby).

Bored. Try this!
Sense of Wonder Mom has a fun routine to make her kids giggle – all you need is a hat with a brim on it and a nearby wall.

Marshmallow Picking
Stuff marshmallows onto the tips of branches in your yard. Tell the kids that the bushes started growing puffy berries and watch them race to pick the “berries”.

Pudding swap.
Instead of a glass of milk for breakfast, give your kids a glass of pudding!

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Balloon Pillow for Naps.
Fill your child’s pillow with balloons at nap time. Watch them giggle when they discover what their pillow is *really* made of!

Dye the Milk……and pretend you have NO clue it’s a different color!

Bath Water Prank
Swab the water faucet with gel food dye – later when the kids go to turn on the bath, the water will burst out with a fun color!

Surprise Kisses When your child thinks you are going to kiss them, fool them, by blowing raspberries instead, or grabbing them and tickling, or whispering April Fools in a goofy voice.

Eyeball Ice Cubes Make a batch of ice cubes that will gross your kids out – until they ask if they can eat them!

Mini- Meal
Grab the doll dishes and call your kids to dinner… only instead of the regular plates and portions, give them a “tiny” meal.

Balloon Surprise Door.
After your kids go to sleep, close their door. Tape a garbage bag to the outside of the door and fill the gap between the bag and the door with balloons. When your kids open the door, balloons will fall on them.

Cream a Cake
Your kids will love making this fake cake! Have them “ice” an empty container with shaving cream.

How have you pranked your kids in the past??

About the Author:

Rachel Miller is the original Quirky Momma of Kids Activities Blog and co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! & The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments. Rachel can now be found blogging at One Crazy House .

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