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Pranks for kids can be great fun with April Fool’s Day approaching. Try some of these favorites!

"April Fools!", we shout to one another after pulling a super fun prank on the kids. For years, our family has enjoyed this silly holiday, trying to trick one another with harmless fun.

There are a TON of great ideas floating around out there to fool your peeps. Here are 10 of our favorite tried & true (meaning they worked on my kiddos!) April Fools Pranks for Kids that require little preparation!


1. Blech!

Sprinkle a little salt on your kid’s toothbrushes the night before.

2. Where Am I?

If your kids are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep. Imagine their surprise waking up in the wrong bed the next morning!!

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3. A blue cow?

Tint your milk jug with food coloring the night before and serve your kid their breakfast with a colorful new addition!

4. Where’s my cereal?

Switch bagged cereal within their boxes and see how long it takes for your kids to find their favorite.

5. EEK!

Buy realistic toy flies, spiders, etc and hide them in your kids' lunches.

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6. What a mess!

TP your kids room as they sleep. Make sure to have the camera ready when they wake up!

7. Goedemorgen!

Change the language on your kids' smart devices to a different one. Make sure you know who to change it back though!

8. OUCH!

Stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of their shoes and watch them think their feet grew overnight.

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9. Turn your house upside down!

Turn photos, toys, and furniture, anything that works, upside down the night before.

10. For Sale??

Put a for sale sign up in your yard the night before. Try to get one with a MLS box and print flyers that say April Fools!  Watch your neighbors go crazy!

What fun April Fools' Day pranks have you played on your kids?

Please share them below!


Kids Activities thinks everyday should be full of fun. It doesn’t HAVE to be April Fool’s Day to enjoy pranks for kids! Here are some of other of our favorite ideas for practical jokes.

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My parents stuffed tissue at the end of my shoes one year when I was a kid. It was kind of sad how long it took me to realize it. Haha. Another prank idea is to give them a fake coupon to a grocery store or drug store and have your kid go try to use it.