Welcome to HRF's New Website

Welcome to HRF's new website. Read this post to learn about our new platform and how to get involved.

HRF's new website aims to build community and encourage conversations on important human rights issues. To get started, hit "Follow" in the header above and set your username. Then, you can create stories about human rights engage in conversations via comment threads.

How does it work?

On the new site, you can post and comment on any story posted in the "Rooms" (the row of links under the header), which are categorized by region. In the Rooms, members can engage with each other on breaking news, human rights concerns, and new campaigns.

Who can create posts?

Anyone who registers as a member can post on HRF's website. Register and sign in by hitting "Follow" in the website header. Then, set a username by clicking on the user icon in the gray sidebar on the lefthand side of the page or clicking this link. Once you set a username, you can share links using Quick Posts and share longer-form writing via Story Posts in any Room.

The official admin accounts are HRF and OsloFF, and you will also see members of HRF's staff posting from their personal Maven accounts. As the site grows, we will also designate moderators for each of the Rooms. If you are interested in volunteering as a moderator, email info@hrf.org.

What can I post?

Posts must follow our community guidelines and be relevant to HRF's mission.

Have more questions?

Post your questions in the Ask HRF room, and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.