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Has Facebook Cost You Dearly Censoring Your Content?

Boyce Watkins of the Black Business School talks censorship and the love-hate relationship with social media.

Writer and activist Rinku Sen led this panel on the independent web's role in protecting free speech with Boyce Watkins (The Black Business School), Collette Watson (Free Press), Leah Maurer (The Weed Blog) and Eric Pairel (Media Research Center). Watkins shared his experience with Facebook's censorship hitting him hard.

With the Black Business School, our number one objective is to promote economic intelligence and financial literacy amongst Black communities around the world and we've had a real love-hate relationship with companies like Facebook and YouTube because even though Facebook is probably the biggest line item in our budget every month, Facebook has cost us millions of dollars because they banned our pages. And cost us a lot of money without any due process.

We had a page that was approaching a million likes on the page and somebody quoted Malcom X and the Facebook bot killed the page and it's technically been suspended for two years. But they never officially banned it. We tried to call them, email them, message them a thousand times, nobody reached back to us. And we were kind of saddened by that because we were kind of like, god, we give you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and you can afford to just ignore us. My god, how many other people have you done this to?

For the rest of Boyce's thoughts and more from Collette, Leah and Eric, watch the video. What has Facebook's censorship cost you? Tell us in the comments.