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Welcome to the ETF & Retirement Maven page moderated by Roger Nusbaum.

Roger Nusbaum has been working in the investment industry since the mid-1980's having worked many years at Charles Schwab as an Institutional Equity Trader and as a Trade Liaison and has been an RIA at Your Source Financial since 2004. Roger has also been blogging since 2004 at He also had a brief stint at the Motley Fool before covering ETFs at from 2005-2014. Over the years Roger has been sourced for many articles, had many appearances on CNBC and other media outlets as well as being the most widely followed outside contributor at Seeking Alpha with over 85,000 followers.

Roger writes extensively about ETFs, portfolio strategy, retirement and other market and lifestyle topics which he will now be covering at

Roger's outside interests include photography and he has been a volunteer firefighter since 2003 in the community where he and his wife Joellyn live and has been the fire chief since 2006.

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  • alexnesbitt

    Jan 3, 2018

    Can't wait to read the posts that are to come in the future on here!

  • rogernusbaum

    Jan 3, 2018

    thank you

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