Honey Banana Facial

A soothing and rich facial for when you're feeling tired. Combine honey and banana.

Honey Banana Facial

What you need

1 tbs of honey
1 ripe banana


Mash the banana and honey together to form a thick paste,

Apply to the face and let it sit for 15 mins for a deep moisturizing facial.


  1. Made a good paste – with others I have got lotsa clumps – and feels pretty good now. Feeling v. refreshed! Dosn’t smell too good though, but I guess that’s banana for ya!

  2. LOVE IT! Having one right now! 😀

  3. hi i tried a little bit on my fasce and it was amazing !My skin was so smooth r u suppose to use moisturizer after the facial?

  4. It’s simply-AWESOME!

  5. hehehe sound pretty good…
    im gonna do it!!!
    lol it looks fun…. =]

  6. cool

  7. dogger670 says:

    oh i found some honey

  8. dogger670 says:

    mmm…this one is good

  9. mmm… im going to try this one can you just use bannans

  10. yoyo was up? me and my fwiend might do dis 1

  11. hi

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