Yarn Covered Coat Hangers

If you'd like to make a thoughtful gift for a friend, or just need to keep your silky blouses from falling off of plain wire or plastic coat hangers, then yarn covered coat hangers could be the perfect craft.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

For each hanger you will need:
1 plastic coat hanger or two wire coat hangers (wire coat hangers have to match in shape exactly)
Roll of masking or scotch tape
Two colors of heavy rug yarn
Yarn needle


These hangers are great at keeping clothing from slipping off the hanger onto the floor. They are also much less likely to become tangled with other hangers, especially when compared to common wire coat hangers. You can make these from either plastic or wire coat hangers.

  1. If you are making your hanger from wire coat hangers, you will need to start by taping the two matching hangers together. Be sure that the shape and size of the wire hangers match exactly. Otherwise you’ll have problems covering them with the yarn. Connect the two hangers by wrapping small lengths of tape around the two hangers at several different spots. You’ll be covering the taped areas with the yarn, so you won’t need to remove them as you work.
  2. If you are using a plastic coat hanger, you’ll simply use one hanger “as-is.”
  3. Tie the two colors of rug yard together in a knot, leaving about an inch and a half of yarn “tail” on the other side of the knot.
  4. Position the knot at the end of the coat hanger hook. Secure it by taping two ‘”tail” ends onto the hook with a piece of tape.
  5. Hold the coat hanger on your lap, wedged between your knees, with the hook pointing towards your feet.
  6. Hold the two balls of rug yarn on your lap, with one on each side of the coat hanger. Pick up one ball and loop the yarn around the hook of the coat hanger. Then, pull the ball of yarn through the loop you made, forming a knot around the coat hanger (basically a half hitch knot tied around the hanger.) Repeat this four more times with the one color. Then, pick up the other ball of yarn and repeat, making the loop and the knot in the opposite direction. Again repeat four more times. You will now have a stripe of one color of yarn, with the knotted edge facing towards one side of the hanger, and a second stripe of the other color of yarn, with the knotted edge facing the other side of the hanger.
  7. Repeat this process, making five knots per color, until you get to the bottom of the hooked part of the hanger. Then, continue the process down one side of the hanger, around the bottom, and up the other side of the hanger until you reach the bottom of the hooked part again.
  8. When the hanger is completely covered, wrap the loose ends of yarn around the base of the hook in either direction, knotting it securely in the front. You can then cut the ends of the yarn and tie a bow. Or, make a pom-pom out of the same yarn and attach with the cut ends, using the yarn needle.
  9. Make several of these for your closet. You won’t have to pick clothes up off the floor anymore, because they will no longer slide off of the hangers.

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