Wreath Made With Milkweed Pods

The milkweed Plant is indigenous to the area in which I live---the midwest.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

I've used the dried pods to create lovely wreaths easily & at minimal cost. Only the dried up, spent pods are used so no Monarch Butterflies or their caterpillars are harmed because of this craft.

What you need
Approximately 60 dried milkweed pods
Two 16 x 16" pieces of Corrugated Cardboard
Tape (Scotch, masking, most any type)
Spray paint & liquid gold leaf paint, if desired
Ribbon, flowers for trim, as desired.
Floral wire.
15" pizza pan
8 & 1/2" pan lid (or something similar to use as a pattern.)
Craft Knife
Hot Glue gun & glue
Small paintbrush or sponge for gold leaf.

Remove any left over seeds & cut the stems from the pods. Sort 20 or 25 of the smaller pods to use for the inside row.

Using the pizza pan as a pattern, draw two 15″ circles on the cardboard. Center the pan lid on each circle & draw a smaller circle. With the craft knife, cut out two 15″ rings. (photo 1)

Because the cardboard bends easily, carefully rotate the rings so the “grain” runs at 90 degree angles for strength. Tape them together in several places. (Photos 2 & 3).

Hot glue the pods on in 3 rows, beginning with the outer edge. Position the pointed ends to the outside & allow them to extend about 2 inches beyond the outer edge. (Photo 4)

The pods may be left their natural color (Great for a Fall wreath) or spray painted any color. To bring out the edges of the pods, brush or sponge on liquid gold leaf paint.

Wire on flowers, ribbons & trims as desired.

My wreath was made specifically for Christmas but, by changing the color & trims, it would be suitable for any occasion.

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