Vintage Handkerchief Apron

This free craft project shows you how to recycle and revamp vintage handkerchief's into a funky vintage up-cycled apron.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Fabric of choice
Skirt Section 35"x22" (90x56cm)
Front Band 14x3.9" (38x10cm)
2x Straps 39" x 5" (1mtx 12cm)


If you have a plain store bought apron you can add the handkerchiefs to that also.

Start by cutting out the skirt, front band and strap sections.

Follow the directions on the patterns below.

Sew the Handkerchiefs into place on your apron, these are the pockets.

Gather the skirt section, (pin to keep secure) so that it fits the front band and then sew into place.

Take straps and fold each strap in half length ways. Sew the edges together and across 1 end. Turn inside out and press flat.

Sew down the top fold of the skirt and sew the straps into place at the same time by tucking in to the waist band.

You can finish off the apron by adding decorative edging or lace around the apron.

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