VHS Tape Clutch Purse: Crochet Pattern

If you have any of these the VHS tapes still around then turn them into funky retro crafts using the tape inside

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

To knit a bag. Recycle and up cycle whilst making a statement piece.

What you need

Approximately 1/4 of a VHS tape worth of film
U.S. size I crochet hook
1 inch button



STEP 1: Find and collect old VHS Tapes. Keep in mind, one VHS tape worth of film will make quite a few projects. .

STEP 2: Rewind or fast forward VHS tape to beginning or end to save time winding film later.

STEP 3: Remove all of the screws from the back side of the VHS tape… mine had five screws.

STEP 4: Pull apart sides to open the VHS tape case and remove the film. PURSE Chain 21.

ROW 1: SC in second CH from hook and in each CH across. CH 2, turn. (20 SC’S) *Chain 2 counts as first HDC now and throughout.*

ROW 2: 1 HDC in next SC and in each SC across. CH 1, turn. (20 HDC’S)

ROW 3: SC Iin each HDC ACROSS. CH 2 and turn. (20 SC’S)

ROWS 4 – 22: Repeat rows 2 and 3. FLAP

ROW 23: HDC in front loop only of each SC across. CH 1, turn.

ROW 24: SC in back loop only of each HDC across. CH 2, turn.

ROW 25: Repeat row 23.

ROW 26: Repeat row 24.

ROW 27: HDC in front loop only of 1st SC and in next 9 SC’S, CH 5, SL ST in same SC (Button hole made), HDC Iin front loop only of last 10 SC’S. CH 1, turn.

ROW 28: SC in back loop only of 1st HDC and in next 9 SC, 5 SC in loop, SC in back loop only of last 10 SC. End off film.


Fold bottom of purse to row before flap begins with right sides facing each other (purse inside-out). Join film to bottom right corner and crocheting through both layers, SL ST side together. Continue slip stitching around flap and down other side, do not slip stitch across bottom. End off film. FINISHING Turn purse right-side out, attach button according to where button hole rests with flap down. Weave in ends.

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