Unicorn Purse Pattern

This tutorial is for a no sew Unicorn Purse

List of Supplies:

  1. Felt fabrics colors of your choice

  2. Golden colored fabric

  3. Scissors

  4. Hot glue gun

  5. Hook-and- loop fasteners

  6. Pencil to trace the template

  7. Template

Instructions/ Making Process of the Unicorn Pencil case:

Step (1)

Cut the main felt fabric for the pouch according to your required size (mine was 6inches x

10inches). Cut 2 felt fabric strips of 1 cm width and the length same as the width of the felt cut out

for the pouch.

Step (2)

Prepare the hot glue gun and attach the 2 felt strips along the 2 width ends of the main felt piece.

For any one strips glue the 2 sides only, keep a loop in the middle.

Step (3)

Glue hook-and- loop fasteners on the middle of the 2 attached felt strips on both ends.

Step (4)

Prepare the patterns from the template by printing and cutting them out. Trace the patterns on the

selected felt fabrics and cut them out nicely. The template includes inner ear parts, outer ear parts,

eyes, lip, blush/ freckle, horn, flower spiral and leaf. For the horn part youll need 3 materials for

the 3 horn patterns- felt, cardstock and golden fabric.

Step (5)

Glue the inner parts on the outer ear parts; Glue the cardstock horn pattern on the felt horn pattern

and then glue the golden horn pattern on the cardstock horn pattern. Glue the 2 small white circles

on the 2 large black circles (these are the eyes).

Step (6)

Fold the main felt piece into half lengthwise and glue the 2 open sides (not the top) of the using the

hot glue gun. Remember that one of the side strips is glued on 2 sides only? That side of the pouch

with the looped strip will be the back side of the pouch. Now glue the ears and the horn with the

main piece, pushing at least 1 cm of their bottom ends inside the looped strips. Use hot glue gun to

attach the ears and the horn and also dont forget to close the loop by gluing the entire strips with

the main fabric.

Step (7)

Now glue the eyes, lashes and lip on the front side of the pouch.

Step (8)

Prepare the items for decorations; the 3 spirals, 4 leaves and blush/ freckles. Make rolled flowers

using the spiral patterns.

Step (9) (10)

Now attach the prepared items one by one on the pouch, along the top end of the pouch.

Done! Mix and match different colored felt fabrics for more variation.