Turtle Plushie

This sewing project shows you how to make a Turtle Plushie soft toy.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

2 sheets of felt the color you choose for Shell
2 sheets of felt the color you choose for Turtle
Embroidery Floss which goes with the felt you choose (Keep in Mind that the shell design will not be visible if you use the same color floss for the Shell as the felt for the Shell)
2 small Buttons for eyes
Paper and Pencil
(Optional) A bowl to trace in order to make larger or smaller shell than pattern


1.Cut out felt to the pattern: 2 head pieces, 8 leg pieces, 2 tail pieces, and 2 shell pieces. The shell is the only thing that is a different color felt than the rest.

****If you desire to make a different size turtle you can trace a bowl rim or cub rim to make a circle that you can use as your shell pattern piece. As for the turtle parts you’ll have to free hand them if you don’t use the pattern.

2.Backstitch the design that is printed on the shell pattern piece on only 1 shell piece on good side or create your own using a water soluble pencil to draw it on.

3.Sew the button eyes on to 1 piece of the turtle’s head on the fabric’s good side.

4.Blanket stitch the around the legs, tail, and head leaving an opening to put a little bit of stuffing in. Close once the desired amount of stuffing is in the pieces.

5.Stitch the legs, head, and tail onto the shell piece without any design on it and place the eyes up. Make sure they’re laying the way you want them to appear.

6.Put the shell pieces together letting the legs, head and tail stick out. Blanket stitch around the shell and when you get to a leg, head, or tail simple back stitch since you can’t blanket stitch in that area. Leave a small opening and stuff the shell to your desired fullness. Finish stitching and then your done!

This project was contributed by Ciara Chan

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