Trendy Pet Collar

Make this for: Cats, Dogs, Ferrets. A great idea that can also be used as a gift for the pet lover in your life!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

* Old, but sturdy, pet collar
* 1 piece decorative fabric with stiff backing (large enough to wrap completely around collar)
* Double-stick hemming tape


1.Cut fabric to accommodate your pet’s collar. Fabric should be long enough to cover the collar while leaving room for buckle or clasp. Fabric should be three times as wide as the collar. Set collar aside.

2.Affix double-stick hemming tape along the length of the wrong side of fabric. Press down. Then pull off backing from the other side of the tape.

3.Fold fabric over twice and press down, creating a tube to slide collar into.

4.Slide collar into collar cover.

5.Put on your pet!

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