Toy Mouse

Ever wanted to make on of your own? Really? Then here it is, a cute little knitted mouse pattern!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

5.50mm (size 5) Knitting needles

8 ply wool in chosen color
Toy Filling
Option Dried Catnip for cats
Beads for eyes


Size 12 cms in size.

Tension- 16sts and 22 rows to 10 cms over stst with yarn double.

Use double Yarn

Cast on 18 sts
Work 14 rows stst

Shaping Body

Row 1
k2, (k2tog,k4) twice. K2tog,k2 (15sts)

Rows 2,4,6,8,10,12
Purl Rows

Row 3
k2, (k2tog,k3) twice,k2tog,k1 (12sts)

Row 5
(k3,k2tog) twice,k2 (10sts)

Row 7
k3,k2tog,k2,k2tog,k1 (8 sts)

Row 9
(k1,k2tog) twice, k2 (3sts)

Row 11
(k2tog) 3 times (3sts)

Row 13

Fasten Off

Ears – make 2

cast on 5 sts
work 3 rows stst

Row 4
P2tog, P1,P2tog

Row 5
Sl 1, k2tog, pass slip stitch over
Fasten off


Twist two 10cm’s lengths of wool together

Make up
Join side seams of mouse body and fill firmly adding the optional catnip if it is for your pet.

Thread some wool around the cast on edge and draw up and knot in the tail. Secure with a few stitches.

Stitch the first and last cast on sts together on ears and sew onto the mouse.

Use black thread to sew on bead eyes and for the nose add some lengths for whiskers

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