Torn Fabric Brooch

This tutorial shows you how to make your own torn fabric brooches

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

Using recycled or new fabrics for a fun funky DIY fashion piece.

What you need

Torn strips of fabric, approx. 1'½ inches wide.
(Tear across the fabric, and use the width of the fabric as the length of the strip. Ex. If the fabric is 45 inches wide, the torn strip will be 45 inches long, and 1'½ inches wide).
Needle and thread
Optional: hot glue gun, and glue sticks
Pinback, or a large safety pin.
A scrap of fabric for the backing (can be the same fabric as the strip, however contrasting colors of fabric for the backing, and thread for sewing it on are used in this example for illustration purposes).


Step 1: Tear a strip of fabric 1’½ inches wide by whatever the width of the fabric is.

Step 2: Weave a threaded needle through one side of the torn strip of fabric, and gather it to about 10 inches.

Step 3: Take a few stitches to secure the strip at that length. (Keep the needle and thread attached).

Step 4: Coil the strip into a spiral and pass the needle through the layers from the back side of the brooch

Step 5: Sew a scrap of fabric on the back of the brooch. White thread has been used in this example, to show the process.

Optional: A hot glue gun may be used to attach this scrap of fabric. This will even help to make the brooch somewhat rigid and hold it’s shape.

Step 6: Center a pinback, or a large safety pin on the backing, and sew in place. (Hot glue may be used for this step also) .

Step 7: Cut a smaller piece of fabric, and cover the center of the safety pin.

This is merely for aesthetic sake. Glue gun can be used for this step also.

Your torn fabric brooch is finished!

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