Super Cool Wallet

Here is a pattern with step by step directions for a super cool wallet!

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Contrasting fabric for pockets
Sewing Machine
Paper for pattern


1) cut a 9″ by 7″ piece. this will be used for the lining and the outer fabric

2) a 9″ by 2 3/4″ piece. this is for one of the card pockets! use the same fabric that you used for the outer fabric.

3) a 9″ by 3 3/4″ piece. This is for the other card pocket and use the lining fabric for this!! *i would also suggest using a medium weight interfacing for the “flimsier” fabric for stability! I wouldn’t use it for both though because then it would be WAY too bulky.

STEP ONE! – iron fabric. trace everything and cut it all out! yum!

This is what all your cut out pieces should look like! A= lining fabric, 9″ X 2 3/4″ // B= outer fabric, 9″ X 3 3/4 ”

STEP TWO! – using the two card slot fabric pieces (A and B.) fold them in half long way so that the good sides are facing each other. sew up the side with the stictching being as close to the edge as you can make it! i’ll say its about 1/8″ but don’t hold me to it. i just make it small!

STEP THREE! -pull them right-side-out and iron them out flat. (its like you’re making the handles to a purse!) -also iron the outer fabric in half longways– its a guide for the next step.

STEP FOUR! -place A about 1/4″ from the iron line with the seam NOT showing! sew that sucker down! again, make sure that you’re sewing as close to the edge as possible so there’s plenty of room for the cards! picture of step four:

STEP FIVE! -sew B on JUST ABOVE the iron line, covering up the sew-job of A! again make sure the stictching is close to the edge!

STEP SIX! -snag your little 1″ squares of velcro and measure 1 1/2″ in from each side and sew the velcro in place, ONLY ON B! fold the other pieces back and don’t mess up! hahahaha

STEP SEVEN! -sew a line up the middle of the whole thing! this is to make the separate card holders. only sew up as high as the pockets go. i go up one way then back down so its double strength. -sorry the picture is upside-down, don’t get confused!

STEP EIGHT! -sew the outer fabric with all its goods and the lining fabric together, with good sides facing each other! leave a small opening so you can pull it all through. if this seems wacky just stick with me. i swear it works and looks awesome! – you can use a regular size seam allowance stitch WHATEVER ITS CALLED! good luck!

STEP NINE! -IF YOU HAVE ‘EM use your zig zag scissors to cut off some of the bulk edges, and leave the opening un-cut. do as i say.

STEP TEN! -turn the whole thang right size out. just pull it out through the hole! I SWEAR IT WILL COME OUT! then iron it out flat and push the corners out!

STEP ELEVEN! -fold it in half to make a wallet, and sew up each side so your $$ doesn’t fall out!! -then fold it in half so it velcro’s shut. and iron it with steam so that your wallet learns early on that this is how it closes!

TA DA!!!!! YOU”RE FINISHED! I hope your wallet turned out for you! if not, try again!!!!

This project was contributed by Hdoglovesu

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