Sock Monkey Tutorial

These instructions for a sock monkey pattern show you how to make a classic sock monkey with a step by step tutorial. Easy to make sewing project with lots of pictures and a pattern to download.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

Best of all, there is no sewing machine required!

What you need

To make this sock monkey you'll need:

  1. A pair of socks
  2. Scissors
  3. Needle and thread
  4. Wool or stuffing
  5. Felt
  6. Hot glue


Here is the template for this sock monkey.

Template: There are 3-4 different templates for sock monkey pattern, you can choose any one from them. I used this template.

Step-1: First, you can iron the socks if needed. Then turn one of the socks inside out and flatten it so that the heel is centered, this sock will be used to make the body of the monkey. Now turn the other socks inside out and place it as usual, this will be used to prepare the other features of the monkey. Use a marker or pen to draw the patterns on the socks as shown in the template.

Step-2: Take the sock for the body part. You’re going to sew alongside the straight parallel lines between the legs as shown in the template. This is to create the monkey’s legs, starting about an inch or so from the heel (his bum). Once you’re done sewing the lines cut the straight line along the center of the legs to separate them. Make sure to keep a small opening between the legs and the bum for turning the right side out and stuffing.

Step-3: Now take the other sock and draw the required features on it as shown in the template. Carefully and neatly cut out the parts and sew along the sides of the hand, tail and ear parts. Each part should be sewed with their wrong side turned outside. And of course make sure to keep a small opening for all the parts as you’ll need to turn the right sides out and also you’ll need to fill them later.

Step-4: Once you’re done sewing all the parts carefully turn the right side out through the open ends. Flatten the pieces and check if the sewing is done neatly.

Step-5: Time to stuff the monkey body through the small opening between the legs and the bum. You can cut the hole a little bigger if you’re having trouble pulling him through, but try to keep it as small as possible. A chopstick or knitting needle can be helpful for pushing his legs out properly. Stuff the monkey to make it look as fluffy as possible but don’t over-stuff, in that case the stitches on the other side might show. Once done stuffing take needle and thread to stitch close the open end. Keep it nice and neat.

Step-6: Remember the heel of one sock that we’ve cut out from the sock? It will be used to make the monkey’s mouth. Start stitching the mouth part by centering it on the monkey’s head. Don’t stitch the entire mouth piece at once. Keep a small open end but keep the needle and thread intact without cutting it. Stuff the mouth piece through the open end and stop stuffing once the mouth part is fluffy enough. Stitch to close the open end, tie a knot and hide the loose end in the body.

Step-7: Use felt to make the mouth and eyes off the monkey. You can also use google eyes, they make the monkey look cuter. I used hot glue to attach the eyes and the mouth piece.

All done, enjoy!

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