Small Squared Bottom Tote

This is a simple squared bottom bag, a very useful method of bag design

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Which can be made into any shape or size bag. For example a beach bag or a large shopping tote.

What you need



Stage one / Picture 1:

Make a pattern out of paper, card or parcel paper. Draw a rectangle Width 36 cm Height 38.5 And then cut out a 4 cm square out of each bottom corner. These measurements include 1.5 cm hem allowance.

The strap is Width 10 cm Length 70 cm.

Stage 2/ Picture 2:

Put wrong side together, pin in place, stitch sides and bottom close to the edge approx. 5 mm.

Stage 3/ Picture 3

Pinch together corners of the fabric, stitch approx. 5 mm from the edge.

Stage 4 / Picture 4

Turn bag right side out, pin around the edge, then sew an approx. 1 cm hem.

Stage 5/ Picture 5

Again pinch corners together and sew a 1 cm hem.

Stage 6/ Picture 6

Fold down a 1 cm hem at the top of the bag, iron, and pin and then sew in place

Stage 7/ Picture 7

Straps To make the strap, fold the 2 sides to the center of the fabric, iron, then fold in half, iron. Stitch on both sides.

Stage 8 /Picture 8

Attaching the straps Fold down the top bag hem approx. 3 cm iron in place. Place the straps under hem about 8 cm apart. Pin in place. Stitch at the bottom & top of hem.

Stage 9/ Picture 9/9a

Fold the straps up, iron then pin in place. Stitch a square to keep in place. Picture 10 Finished bag (above).

Please note this took approx. 1 hour to 1 half hours to make. You can strength the bottom with cardboard or cross-stitch plastic.

This project was contributed by Emma Allnutt

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