Skull Pin: Crochet Pattern

This free Halloween Crochet pattern shows you how to make your very own Skull.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

Great for Halloween Decorations or costume pins

What you need

Small amounts of #4 -Medium Weight yarn in White & Black
1- Pin Backing
2- Faceted Beads or Pony Bead
1- 1/8" Pom Pom, for nose
Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue
Crochet Hook Size: F


Note: Ch 1 Turn at end of each Row Skull Starting at top of skull with White,

Row 1) Ch 6. Sc in 2nd Ch from hook. Sc in next 4 chains. Ch 1, Turn. (5 Sc)

Row 2) 2 Sc, Sc in next 3, 2 Sc. Ch 1, Turn.

Row 3 – 5) Sc evenly.

Row 6) Dec 1, Sc next 3, Dec 1.

Row 7) Dec, Sc next, Dec. (3 Sc)

Row 8) Sc evenly. (3 Sc)

Row 9) Sc in next. (Hdc, Dc, Hdc) all in next stitch. Sc in next. Fasten off.

Row 10) Join yarn in edge of Row 7. Sc in next 2, Sl St around to Row 6, Sc in next 2. Join. Fasten off.

Mouth With Black

Ch 3, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook. Sc in last Ch. Fasten off.

With black yarn, sew mouth to small end of skull. (refer to photo)

Eyes Glue Red pony beads to large end of Skull.

Nose Glue Black Pony bead centering below eyes.

Stitches Using straight stitch embroider “Stitches” to top of Skull.

Finishing Glue pin backing to back of Skull.

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