Signature Bunny Doll

This Easter bunny craft makes up to around 35 cm and is a great keepsake gift for any occasion.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Stuffing for filling
Large 2 inch pom pom
Embroidery thread
30cm contrasting Fabric
S safety eyes
1 safety nose


Note all seams 1/4″

Using the patterns below cut out 1 back head, 1 front head, 2 body backs,2 body fronts, 2 ears and 4 legs.

(print them on an A4 paper size)

In contrasting fabric cut 2 ears, 2 soles and a strip 90 cm x 10 cm to be used for the neck bow.

With the right sides together stitch darts in front and back head pieces.

Stitch center front and back of body pieces, leaving an opening in the center of the back for stuffing.

Then stitch dart to make the bottom of the bunny. With the right sides together stitch front head and body to form neck and repeat for the back.

Fold arms with right sides together, stitch around them leaving an opening at the bottom side for stuffing. Snip curved edges and turn right side out.

Place the right side of the calico with the right side of the contrasting ear pieces together. Stitch around leaving bottom end open. Snip the curved edges and turn right side out.

With right sides together stitch both sides of 2 leg pieces, leaving an opening at the bottom side for stuffing.

Pin sole into place and stitch. Snip all curved edges, turn right side out.

Pin ears, arms and legs to the body piece by matching up the dots. Make sure that contrast of ears is facing the right side of calico as for the arms and legs make sure the toes are pointing up towards the body.

Place legs, arms and ears into the middle of the body, right sides together pin and stitch the back body to the front body hear piece. Turn right side out through the hole in the back seam.

Stuff the arms and legs then stitch up the holes.

Before stuffing the body place eyes and nose into place using the safety discs that come with the pieces.

Stitch hole up in the back seam.

Make a bow using the contrasting strip of fabric and tie it around the neck.

Stitch the pompom onto the bottom of the bunny for a tail.

Using embroidery thread stitch in a basic mouth.

Use a permanent marker to make signatures onto the bunny for a memorable keepsake.

Virkku submitted this picture of a completed and dressed bunny.

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