Quick Easy Beaded Bracelet

Make this beaded bracelet that is quick and easy to make.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Stretch cord 30 inches long
4 x 3 hole spacers
Assortment of glass beads (take into consideration the size of your 3 hole spacer when selecting beads)


To make threading the beads onto the cord easier, use a needle with a large enough eye to accommodate the stretch cord. Make sure that the needle can also pass through the beads.

Thread a stop bead (a spare bead that is not part of the design) and tie a knot to secure. This will keep you beads in place as you work.

Pattern as follows: *3 hole spacer bead, 20 beads, 3 hole spacer bead, 20 beads, 3 hole spacer bead, 20 beads, 3 hole spacer and finally the last 20 beads on this row*.

Pass needle through the first 3 hole spacer bead, making a circle.

Loop the stretch cord down into the next hole in the spacer bead and repeat above * * for the next two rows.

Loop the stretch cord up through to the knot on the first row and secure tightly with a couple of knots.

Remove the stop bead and snip loose ends.

All done!

This project was submitted by Sharon. Thanks Sharon!

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