Plushie – Silly Remnant Sam

This project shows you how to make a small toy using fabric remnants and some basic sewing skills.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Assorted fabrics, felt, fleece, stretchnit whatever you have on hand.
Embroidery Thread
Black felt
Toy filling/wadding.


Step 1: Cut out all your pattern pieces using mixed fabrics. Download the pattern here: Silly Remnant Sam Plushie Pattern.

Body: Stitch the green section (tummy) on to one side of the body piece as shown.

Legs: Stitch down the seams of both legs to make a tube and turn inside out.

Arms: Stitch down the seams of both arms to make a tube and turn inside out.

Ears: Stitch both ears and turn inside out.

Hair: Stitch strips of black felt on top of the head for hair.

Face: Embroider your face and stitch buttons on to complete.

Step 2:

Now stitch around the body with right side facing inwards and placing the ear, arms and legs into position as you go. Remember to face them inwards and leave an opening on to tip for turning it right side out and stuffing.

Step 3:

Fill the body with toy wadding/filling and stitch close the opening.

Step 4:

Fill the arms and legs and fix the shoes into place.

Step 5:

The shoes are stitched with embroidery thread in a blanket stitch. Front seam first then the sole of the shoe. Fill the shoe with wadding and attach to the leg.

All done!

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