Plushie – Cow Boy Bill

This plushie pattern shows you how to make an adorable cow which is a boy which we have promptly called a "Cow Boy".

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Polar fleece
in Plaid colors and in textured fur style.
Suede Piece
Size 13" (35 cm)
toy fill/wadding


Start by printing the pattern pages. Each image should be sized to fit flush on a A4 side paper.


With wrong side facing sew down the back and front seam. Then sew in the soul of the shoe as shown in the diagram. Turn right side out, and fill with wadding.


Stitch around the body piece and sew in the feet at the same time. Make sure they are facing inwards and both facing forward. (This will be turned right-side out later).


Sew your ear pieces together. One plain, One contrast. Turn and press flat. Sew the head by taking the two back sections and sewing them together.

Sew the front section in place as shown in the diagram making sure you sew your ears in at the same time. (Remember they should be inwards).

Sew you two darts into the muzzle. Mark the top center and line this up with the center of the front of the head as shown in the diagram.

Turn and sit inside the body, piece so you can sew it into place. See Diagram.

Leave a gap at the front of the neck so you can turn and fill with wadding.

Hand sew this gap once filled. Cover up the hand sewing with the suede scarf.

Finish off by embroidering the face.

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