Pickled Bums

This free craft project shows you how to make pickled bums. This is a great gag gift or a conversation starter!

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Toy Filling
Needle and Thread
Powdered makeup blush
Pot potpourri or sand.


You can change your pickled bums into “Smelly Bums” by adding potpourri to the jar or “Beach Bums” by adding white sand to the jar. Pickled bums were very popular around 10 years ago and Rita used to sell literally 1000’s of these at craft fairs.

Start by cutting a small piece of stocking into a square approx 3 inch by 3 inch. Stitch around the outside of the square in a rough circle in a running stitch. Leave the needle in as you are going to use this to draw up the circle.

 " \"How to make Pickled Bums Step 3\""

Push a piece of filling (you can use cotton balls) into the stocking/hosiery. Push it in well so that it is quite firm you may need to add more filling or even take some out until it is the right size.

 " \"How to make Pickled Bums Step 4\""

Draw up the circle and secure it with a few stitches. Do not break the thread. Take the needle and thread and push it from the back to the front and come up 1/2 way over the ball. Then take your thread to the back. This will form the bum (shall I say it?) crack.

 " \"How to make Pickled Bums Step 2\""

Secure with a few stitches at the back and cut off the thread. Finish the bottom off with a few dabs of blush. Make as many of these bums as it will take to fill your jar.

Sprinkle the sand or pot potpourri amongst the bottoms as you go.

Pop the lid onto the jar and attach a Handmade tag for a great comical gift.

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