Needle & Wool knitters Brooch

For this cute little project all you need is some basic knitting skills.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 toothpicks
2 beads
Single Ply Yarn
Saftey Pin or Brooch Back


You can knit this brooch actually using the tooth picks or you can use small needles and slide them onto the tooth picks later. If your tooth picks are too rough try sanding them with a small piece of fine grade sand paper or even an emery board.

Start by gluing the beads onto the tooth pick ends and allowing them to dry.

Then begin by casting on your stitches around 10-15 depending on your tooth picks.

Then knit a few rows and glue the stitches to keep them secure. Use a long length of wool to roll into a ball and push your needle through it and again secure with a dob of glue.

Apply the brooch to the back and its ready to go.

These would make great gifts for knitters, you could even attach it to a knitting pattern for a fun pocket gift.

This Tutorial was written by Craftbits.com and image supplied by Rachel

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