Necklace – Vintage Wire & Buttons

This jewelry making project shows you how to make a beautiful button necklace using wire.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

This simple technique is ideal for kids learning to make their own jewelry.

What you need

Copper Jewelry wire
Approx 30 old buttons
wire cutters


Start by taking your length of wire around 1 yard and creating a knot or bend at one end (so your buttons don’t slip off) then begin threading your buttons onto the wire by taking the wire through the button holes as if it was a needle and thread.

Keep doing this – adding each button as you go. Position the buttons flat by pushing and shaping the wire so that the buttons each sit flat.

Keep doing this until you reach your desired length. You can add a small jewelry clasp or simply create a necklace that will slip over the head by twisting the two ends of wire together.

This method is great for kids!

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