Mary Jane Felt Slippers

Easy to make, fun to wear, these Mary Jane Slippers are always going to be here!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need
puffy paint for soles
red felt for button

1.) I made the soles by just tracing around my foot.

2.) Sew the “heel” onto the outersole.

3.) The top I made by pretty much cutting a whole sheet of felt into that shape and then trimming the back from there.

4.) Sew the backs of the top.

5.) Sew the top onto the soles.

6.) Sew the top strap on.

7.) Make a “button” (real or otherwise) of your choice.

8.) As for the bottoms, I used glitter glue, but others have recommended puffy paint. I think this may be a better choice.

There’s two things I would recommend doing (that I didn’t think of until after). On the first outside layer of the soles, I would just sew across the straight part of the “heel” -and then the curved part will get sewn when you sew on the top. Also I would leave a hole so that you can stuff something soft into the two layers (like pillow stuffing).

This project was contributed by madamebutterfly

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