Make Your Own Witch Wreath

Make a whimsical wreath with tulle that looks like a witch to decorate your front door for Halloween!

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need
Styrofoam Wreath, Black Spray Paint, 2 Yards of Black Tulle, 1"x50" piece of Black Fabric or Ribbon, Felt in Orange Black and Green, Buttons, Adhesive


  1. Spray paint your wreath black. The color of your wreath will show through the Tulle so that’s why you’re painting it.
  1. Cut your black tulle into approximately 45 strips that are 3″ wide by 34″ long.
  1. Take 2 strips of tulle and stack them one on top of the other, and fold both in half. Tie around your wreath, knotting it, with the knot in the front.
  1. Repeat, spacing 12 tulle strips around your wreath.
  1. Fill in the remaining spaces with the other tulle strips.

  1. For the legs, Cut out two 1.5″x5″ strips of lime green felt. For the shoes, cut 2 triangle shapes from black felt. Cut a curve on one side of the triangles and a notch on a second side to make boot shapes. Glue the top edge of the boots to the bottom of the legs.
  1. For the hat, Cut a curved cone shape from orange felt and glue 1″ strips of black felt onto the hat. Trim excess felt away. Glue the hat to a piece of cardstock to stiffen it and cut it out of the cardstock paper.
  1. Tie your fabric strip arount the top of the wreath ot hang it with, Glue the hat to the top of the wreath.
  1. Add buttons to the shoes and hat for extra embellishment!

All done!

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