Knitted Biscuit

Here is a pattern for a knitted biscuit. Looks real enough to eat!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

Wool to match your biscuit
brown and white for Oreo's


Instructions for one biscuit

1.Cast on 8 sts.

2.Knit 32 rows. You should have 16 garter-stitch ridges. You can see the ridges easily if you stretch out the knitting. I’ve highlighted 3 ridges here.

3.Cast off.

4.Gather one of the side edges. To do this, thread a needle with the yarn and pass the needle through the bump at the end of each garter-stitch ridge. I’ve highlighted the next 2 ridges so you can see what I mean. Pull tightly… Really tight! And tie it tightly too.

5.Sew up the cast-on and cast-off edges. Turn it inside out. You should have what looks like a little hat.

6.Gather the other side edge and tightly tie it off (same as step 4).

7.You now have what looks like a deflated beach ball. Take the centers of the balls (i.e. the gathered and tied-off side edges) and squish them together.

Sew a few stitches through the centers to keep the “beach ball” flat.

This recipe will make one biscuit. To make an Oreo cookie, make one white biscuit and two brown ones and sew them together.

This Project was contributed by Eva

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