Knitted Bathroom Mat

Here is a pattern for a knitted bath mat. This pattern is suitable for an intermediate knitter.

by craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

50g Balls
5 balls of main shade A
1 ball each of 2 contrasts B and C
1 pair of number 4 (6mm) needles

Bath mat: 17 inch x 24 inch (43cm x 61cm)

16sts and 20 rows to 10cm. On 6mm
needles over double moss stitch.


** with 6mm needles and color A cast on 69sts.

1st Row: K 1, *P1,K1 rep from * to end.
2nd Row: P1, *K1, P1 rep from * to end.
2rd Row: As 2nd row.
4th Row: as 1st row.
These 4 rows form the double moss stitch pattern and are rep. Throughout.
Rep 1st-4th rows 4 times.

Begin Stripes

1st row Patt 12A, patt 45 B with 2nd ball of A . patt 12 A
2nd row Patt 12A leave A on wrong side twisting it over B at join, Patt 45B
leave B on wrong side twisting it over A at join. Patt 12 A

3rd, 4th,5th and 6th rows. Patt 12A
patt 1 B , patt 43A, patt 1B using separate length of yarn for this st. only with 2nd ball of A patt 12/
The pattern will be neatest if you keep the 2nd ball of A for the left side edgeand work the side B single st.
With its onw length og yarn, twisting all yarn on W.S at every color join on each row.
Repeat last 6 rows twice.

Next 2 rows Patt 12A, 1B, 43C 1B ,12A
repeat 3rd-6th rows once and 1st-6th rows once.

Centre next row

Patt 12A, 1B,12A,17C,12A, 1B,12A
Repeat this row 9 times or until mat is half required length, ending with a W.S row
** work other half of mat in same way reversing patt.

Cast off.

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