Knit Women’s Lacy Mitts

These mitts use a simple four-round repeating lace pattern along the top of the arm and Stockinette Stitch on the back. A simple gusset is worked for the thumb.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

This project is a little fancy and a lot of fun, and perfect for a special mom in your life, or even worked in white to wear at your wedding.

What you need

One ball Knit Picks Palette in Rouge or fingering weight wool of your choice
Set of four size 3 US/3.25 mm double-pointed knitting needles
2 stitch markers
Stitch holder or waste yarn

Gauge is 25 stitches and 36 rounds per 4 inches/10 cm, or 6.25 stitches and 9 rounds per inch/2.5 cm in Stockinette Stitch in the round.

Finished mitt is 10 inches/25 cm long at longest point and about 7 inches around unstretched. To fit an average sized woman's hand, but the lace panel allows it to stretch a lot.


Knitting the Left Mitt

Cast on 48 stitches. Divide onto needles as follows: 13-22-13. Lace panel is worked on the center 22 stitches, while the remaining 26 stitches are worked in Stockinette Stitch.

Work the Vine Lace pattern as follows:

Rounds 1 and 3: Knit.

Round 2: K3, *yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k1*. Repeat from * to *, end k1.

Round 4: K2, *yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1*. Repeat from * to *, end k2.

Continue in pattern until piece measures 6 inches/15 cm.

Next round, K6, place marker, m1, k1, m1, place marker, k6. Continue with panel on those stitches and increase on each end of the stitches inside the marker (this is your thumb gusset) every other round until there are 15 stitches inside the markers.

Next round, work to thumb stitches and place them on a stitch holder or piece of waste yarn. Cast on 1 stitch over this space and continue in pattern for 1 inch/2.5 cm.

Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 4 rounds.

Bind off in pattern.

Finishing the Thumb

Place the remaining 15 stitches back onto 2 needles and pick up one stitch where the thumb meets the hand.

Knit 5 rounds.

Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 4 rounds.

Bind off in pattern.

Knitting the Right Mitt

Work as for left mitt, but place the thumb gusset in the center of the 12 stitches at the end of the round rather than at the beginning of the round.