Knit Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Simple, knitted and beaded Christmas Ornament patterns that are free to make for personal use

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

And created around a styrofoam ball. Add a little texture to your Christmas decorations!

What you need

3" or slightly smaller styrofoam ball
1 pr size 0000 (1.25mm) knitting needles
1 hank size 11 seed beads (crystal finish gives a nice sparkle to the ornament)
1 ball #8 perle cotton thread
You might want to try using the Kreinik #8 Metallic braid


Row by row knitting instructions:
Cast on 21 sts
Rows 1-2 Knit 21.
Row 3 Knit across and increase 1 into every stitch.
Rows 4-6 Knit 42.
Row 7 Knit across and increase 18 stitches evenly across the row.
Row 8 Knit 60.
Rows 9-14 (Knit 3, slip 1 bead; 19 times), knit 3.
Rows 15-20 (Knit 3, slip 2 beads; 19 times), knit 3.
Rows 21-47 (Knit 3, slip 3 beads; 19 times), knit 3.
Rows 48-67 Starting at Row 20, knit in reverse order from row 20 to row 1, replacing the increase stitches with decrease stitches.
Bind Off

Assembly Instructions:

Wrap the knitted piece around the styrofoam ball and stitch up the side seam.
To close up the opening at the top and bottom, gather the knitting together.
Finish the top and bottom with a whipped spider stitch, button, or some other way you invent for yourself.
Thread a ribbon through to the top for the hanger.
Hang beads, a tassel, or something else of your choice from the bottom.

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