Hungry Baby Doll – Knitted Pattern

This hungry baby knitting pattern is adorable and the baby even has his bottle with him.

by CraftBits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Size Needles 3.50mm or Size 9
Wool 8ply in Romper & Flesh Colour

Doll Size = 25cm's


Right leg, beginning at feet

*Using the romper colour, cast on 18 sts

P1 Row

Next Row, Inc Knit wise into every st -36sts
Beginning with P Row st-st 5 rows*

Shape foot

K2 (K2 Tog) 10 times k 14 – 26 sts
P1 Row
K2 (K2 Tog) 6 times K 12-20 sts
St-St 19 rows
Break off yearn and leave on spare needle.

Left Leg

Same as right from *-*

Shape foot

K 14 (K2 Tog) 10 times K2-26sts
P 1 Row
K12 (K2 Tog) 6 times K2-20sts
St-St 19 rows
Knit across stitches on right leg = 40 sts
St-st 20 rows

Shape Shoulders

K6 (K2 tog) 5 times K8 (K2 Tog) 5 times K6
St-st 5 Rows

Change to flesh colour
(K1 inc in next 2 sts) to send 50 sts
St-st 23 Rows

Shape top of head

K2 (k2 Tog K2) to end – 38sts
P1 Row
K2 (K2 Tog K1) to end – 26sts
P2 Tog to end – 13 sts

Break off and thread yarn through stitches.

Arms (make 2)

Beginning at hand
Using flesh colour cast on 8 sts
P 1 Row
Inc Knit Wise into every stitch -16 sts
Beginning with a Purl Row st-st 5 Rows
Change to romper colour
St-st 12 rows

Shape Top

Decrease 1 st at each end of next 7 Rows – 2sts
Break off and thread yarn through stitches.

Neck strip

Cast on 50 sts
Cast off

Baby Bottle

With white cast on 10 sts
Inc Knit wise into every st – 20 sts
K1 Row
Beginning with a K row st-st 16 Rows
Change to contrast colour Garter st 2 Rows
Change to teat colour st-st 2 rows
K2 Tog to End
P2 Tog to End

Break off and thread yarn through stitches.

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