Funky Rounds Crochet Belt

This crochet pattern won't make you go round in circles. Instead it is a simple pattern to create a belt with round disk

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

Double knitting yarn in variety of colors.
No# 3.50 crochet hook


To make each 1 1/2 inch disk:

Work 3 ch,join into a circle with 1 ss into first ch.

1st round

Work 6 dc into circle, joining to first dc with ss

2nd round

Work 2 dc into each dc of previous round. Join with ss (12 dc)

3rd round

As 2nd round (24 dc)

4th round

*Work 2 dc into next 2dc, 1 dc in next dc, rep from * to end.

Join with ss (36 dc) fasten off.

Joining the rounds:

Join the circle as shown using matching or contrasting yarns, plait together several strand of yarn to form the cords for tying.

Sew the disks together then sew the tying ends onto the ends of the belt.

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