Easy Summer Floppy Hat

Try this quick sewing tutorial and make up a floppy hat in just one afternoon! We show you how to measure and cut and sew!

by Shellie Wilson

What you need

1 yard of printed cotton fabric
Sewing machine and supplies
Measuring tape


1- Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head (wrap the tape around the widest part of your head) in inches. Find the following measurements:

For the top of the hat: the circumference of your head + 4/3.14 = diameter.

For the brim of the hat: diameter of top of the hat + 8 inches (more for a larger brim) = brim diameter.

For the body of the hat: head circumference + 3 = length of strips.

2- Cut:

  • 2 strips that are 4 inches wide x the strip length you measured.
  • 2 circles for the top of your hat that are the diameter you measured. It will help to find a bowl or dish that is the same or close to this diameter in order to make an even circle.
  • 2 brim circles using the brim diameter, using the same bowl/dish process as the top of the hat.

 " \"20150622_154859\""

 " \"20150622_160025\""

3- Using the bowl/dish from the top of the hat, center it on the brim pieces and cut out of the center.

 " \"20150622_160214\""

 " \"20150622_160342\""

4- Sew the two strips into separate loops along the short ends, right sides together.

 " \"20150622_161002\""

5- Pin each top of hat to each sewn loop, with right sides together. Sew the seam around the edge of the top of the hat.

 " \"20150622_161949\""

6- Flip one sewn hat piece right side out and place the inside out sewn hat directly inside of the right side out hat piece.

 " \"20150622_162347\""

 " \"20150622_162357\""

7- Put the two brim pieces together, wrong sides together. Then pin this around the outside of the sewn hat pieces.

 " \"20150622_162908\""

8- Sew around the edge of this seam, making sure to sew through both the loops and both of the brim layers.

9- Sew a hem around the edge of the brim by folding under the seam as you go.

 " \"20150622_163304\""

 " \"20150622_164039\""