Easy Peasy Tote

Make this tote that is so easy to make you will want to make heaps!

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

2 different pieces of 12x 15 (make the fabric have a old so total length would be 30 in. long, same color or different one is the inside layer)
2 of the same color 4x 12 pieces of fabric
Matching thread
sewing machine


1 take one of the 12x 15’s and fold it inside out. then so then edges all but one side!

2.do the same thing with the other piece of 12x 15, then when finished pull this piece inside out and put the other in side of it. (make sure to push all the way to end bottome and corners!)

3.take the two bags inside each other and pin them so the frayed end at the top will be in the inside!

4.take the two straps and fold each side (long ways) 3/4 of an inch in then take an iron and them down then fold on top of each other and iron that.

5.place the straps in desired places and pin them in the so around the top cut of any lose strings and your good to go!!

oh don’t forget to reverse in the stitching! (hope you have fun!)

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