Dream Pillow

Dream Pillows were pillows filled with rose petals or flowers for maiden's to lay their head on.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

They have been used for years to help promote sleep and for other medicinal purposes. In this project, learn to make your own dream pillow!

What you need

2 pieces of material, any size or shape
Herbs and Spices or Lavender Stuffing
Essential oils


Make your pillows any where from 2.5 inch (5cm) square to a normal sized pillow.

You could make your pillow, square, round, shaped like a cloud, or shaped like a whimsical fairy or star.

If you are adding lavender (for insomnia) or adding other herbs or spices, you may want to give them an added boost by adding a few essential oil droplets to the dried herbs or lavender.

To make your dream pillow take your two pieces of material that have been cut into your selected size or shape.

Stitch along three sides of the material, then turn it right side out. Leave a opening big enough to add your herbs and stuffing.

Once your pillow is full but still soft giving the herbs room to breath, stitch up the opening.

To refresh the scent of your pillow after several weeks, simple add a few drops of essential oils to the outside of the pillow.

For gift giving place them into a pretty organza bag with a home made tag.

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