Domokun iPod Cozy

Domokun (or Domo-kun) is the mascot of the Japanese Television station NHK and is a monster like creature.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

In this project, you are going to create a cozy for your iPod which looks like Domokun!

What you need

Scraps of red, white and black felt
1-2 sheet(s) of brown felt
embroidery floss (optional)
a single hole punch
a pencil


Domokun is supposed to have been born out of an egg and always has its mouth open.

This project was contributed by Miss Kira.

1.Take your ipod, pencil and paper and draw the outline of your ipod, adding a 1/4 inch to each vertical side.

2.Take this outline and double the length. You will now have a drawing that is a bit wider than an ipod and twice as long.

3.Cut 2 pieces of brown felt from this outline, one will be the same size as the outline, and the other half the length (so basically the actual size of the ipod)

4.Cut a rectangle of red felt for the mouth. You want it to be less wide than the ipod cozy.

5.Take your smaller piece of brown felt. Center the mouth on this piece. Adjust mouth size as needed.

6.Take 2 rectangular pieces of white felt that are the same length as the red piece. Cut some teeth, being careful to only cut about halfway through the felt. You don’t want pieces of teeth, but 2 sets.

7.Sew the teeth to the mouth.

8.Sew the mouth to the smaller piece of brown felt.

9.Cut 2 small circles of black felt, and then sew to an edge of the circles a tiny piece of black felt.Now you not only have eyes, but eyes with highlights.

10.Sew the eyes to the smaller piece of brown felt, making sure the highlights are at 1 o’clock on the black eyes.

11.Take your larger piece of brown felt, fold it in half and sew the vertical edges shut. Make sure the top is left unsewn, or you won’t fit the ipod in.

12.Sew the top of the smaller piece of the brown felt to the top of back piece of the piece you just finished sewing. Now when you fold the decorated piece down, it should cover the opening of the holder.

13.Sew (or stick if you’ve got the adhesive version) some Velcro to the back of the decorated piece of felt and the front of the holder. 13. If desired, finished of the edges with some black embroidery floss.

14.Use a hole punch to punch a hole for your earphones to go in, at the top of the cozy.

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