Cupcake Trinket Box

This cute little felted cupcake trinket box can be used as a sewing caddy or for keeping small items in.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

11 inch x 11 inch (30x30 cm) square of felt in cupcake color.
Strong cardboard drinking cup.
Contrasting felt scrap for icing
Rounded bead for Cherry or bugle beads for sprinkles.
Hot glue or Craft glue
Sewing needle & thread
Toy filling/wadding


To begin you need to cut your paper cup in half. This will form the base. Take your cup and draw around the open end onto the cardboard. This will give you the correct size to form a lid. Cut out the cardboard circle and place it to one side.

To form the lid you need to cut out a felt circle 1 1/2 inch larger than the cardboard lid. Fill this circle with the wadding. This create the cupcake top. Either glue it closed into a cupcake top or sew it closed by sewing a running stitch around the edge and drawing it up. Glue the cupcake top to the piece of cardboard. Now you have made your cupcake lid.

For the base wrap the felt around the bottom of the cup and secure with glue. Trim the edges off but leave enough felt (1/2 inch) so it can be glued inside of the cup.

Trim the bottom of the cup so that the cup sits flat and secure the edges with glue. This has formed the base of your cupcake.

Take the contrasting felt and cut out the icing as shown below. Secure with stitches or glue.

Finish off the cupcake by sewing the beads into place for the cherry on top or sew on scattered bugle beads for sprinkles.

These cupcakes also look great when sewn with contrasting embroidery thread.

                   Cupcake Trinket Box       

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