Crochet Religious Cross

A simple crochet pattern to make a religious cross.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

No. 10 thread
Size 6 hook
Small piece of plastic canvas
Silk rose for decoration (optional)
Cut plastic canvas as shown in picture.


Attach thread to first hole at top of cross.

Ch 1, sc in same hole. Chain 3, sc in same hole, chain 3, sc in next hole, chain 3, insert hook in next hole, pull thread through, insert hook in next hole and pull thread through 3 loops on hook.

Chain 3, sc in next hole, chain 3, sc in next hole, ch 3, sc in same hole.

Repeat in this manner around ending with chain 3, insert hook in first hole, chain 3, join to first sc.

Finish off. Sew small silk rose to center and/or add ribbon as shown.

This crochet pattern was contributed by Irene Duquette.

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