Champagne Bottle

We made our champagne bottle into a Bottle of Bubble Bath. This pattern is a great versatile bottle pattern.

by Craftbits (shellie wilson)

What you need

8 ply Wool
4mm Needles


Size: 25cms

Using Bottle Color cast on 24sts

P1 Row
Row 2 : Inc K wise into every stitch (48sts)
Row 3 : Purl
Row 4 : Knit
Row 5 : st-st beginning with a knit row for 15 rows
Row 25 : (k6, k2 tog) to end
Row 26 : Purl
Row 27 : Knit
Row 28 : Purl
Row 29 : (K4,K2 tog) to end
Row 30 : Purl
Row 31 : Break off bottle color and join on bottle neck color
(k2, k2 tog) to end.
Row 32 : Purl
Row 33 : (k1,k2 tog)To End
Row 34 : st-st next 12 rows
next 2 rows Knit
Next Row (k2 tog) to end

Thread yarn through stitches and draw up, fasten off.

Sew row ends together and fill with wadding.

Make a label for your bottle using white cast on 18sts. St-st 16 Rows and cast off.

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