Chakra Healing Dolls

Chakra Doll's make great gifts for those who are interested in Spiritual healing or meditation.

by craftbits (shellie wilson)

These dolls can be made in different sizes for different purposes.

What you need

Coloured felt
Sewing machine or glue
Red Felt for the Heart
Toy filling
Embroidery thread in
Blue/black and red


Make small ones for key chains and Pocket Pals and larger scented ones for meditations dolls to be held whilst meditating. They also make great healing dolls for loved ones who need a get well gift.

Use the coloured felt to suit the Chakra doll of your choice.

Start by cutting out a very basic body shape in the size you want to make your doll. Allow a few inches in the width for the sewing seams.

Sew around the edges and turn the doll right side out. Use a pencil to push the legs and arms out if you are having trouble.

Take your embroidery thread and stitch in the eyes and mouth a small asterix will be enough for the eyes. Alternatively you could use permanent markers and draw on the facial features.

Fill the doll with toy filling, make it firm but not hard.

If your Chakra doll is going to be scented add a few drops of the essential oils into the filling before sewing the top of the head closed.

If you want to make your doll a hangup doll, sew in a small length of ribbon at this stage also.

Cut out a small red heart for your doll and glue it onto the doll. Alternatively you can sew this onto the body before stitching it up.

Chakra Colors

Survival Grounding – Red
Emotions, Desires – Orange
Power, Will – Yellow
Love Relationships – Green
Communication – Blue
Intuition – Indigo
Awareness – Violet

For more information on Chakra’s have a look at this free detailed Chart

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