Camera Cozy Bag

Make a cozy for your camera using this simple idea.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

What you need

1 Thickish Material (any design, pattern, its not going to be seen.)

1 Nice Material (seen)



Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread.

Something to draw on the fabric with


1.Take the object (camera, ipod, ect.) and trace the outline on to the cardboard to make a stencil. cut it out.

2.Place cut out on the fabric you want on the inside (not showing side) and trace it onto it. (trace the stencil side by side because when you fold it you’ll have front and back.)

3.Take a ruler and measure an inch out and draw a border so when you cut it out its an inch bigger than the stencil. see picture 1 for a better understanding.

4.Cut it out.

5.Place thick material onto the pattern material that will be seen in the finished product. and cut it out.

6.Pin the two materials together good side out so that when your sewing you can see the pretty side

7.After you pin it using your machine or needle make the hem (stitching or whatever you call it… i think its called the seam.) very very close to the edge.

8.Now fold it in half. with the ugly thick material on the outside. and pin it leaving one side unpinned which will be the opening in the end.

9.Sew the 3 pinned sides. (if your doing an ipod holder leave a little whole at the bottom end to put the headphone cord through.)

Thats it!!

For an even cuter idea cut 2 little slits on the back (only going through th outter material) and put a ribbon through them. On the front put 3 slits and bring the ribbon through that having both ribbons comming out the middle hole and tie in a bow!!!

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