Bon Bon Garland

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And this project is no exception.

by Craftbits (Shellie Wilson)

After racking me ole brain for a new idea for a craft swap, I came up with this: the Bonbon Garland.

What you need

cute scraps of fabric
small Styrofoam balls
garbage bag twist ties, cut in thirds
glue gun
tiny strips (about 1/4 inch wide) of fabric, or super-thin ribbon

needle and thread


So simple, and yummy looking too. It goes together in a snap, so you can make one for each of your favorite people!

1.Cut a rectangle of fabric about 3 times the size of your Styrofoam balls.

If you have pinking sheers, cut your fabric rectangles with them. It will help prevent the fabric from fraying.

Place a dot of hot glue in the area indicated by the black star.

2.Roll the fabric around the Styrofoam ball to resemble a cylinder. Place a dot of hot glue where indicated by the black star.

3.Twist each end like a candy in a wrapper. Secure using a small twist tie.

4.Then wrap one of the fabric strips (or ribbon) around each twist tie. Tie a knot.

5.Repeat on the other side of the candy. Snip the ends of the fabric ties (or ribbon) is you used that. Now make a bunch more.

6.Either sew the bonbons together (easiest to tack the ends together with a few stitches then sewing right through), or hot glue them as indicated in the picture.

I’ve tried both methods and I prefer the hot glue method for stringing the bonbons together.

Contributed by sharon-lizette dion. Sharon-lizette loves, her family, crafting, food and dogs. Not necessarily always in that order.

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